Greek Tattoos and Greek Tattoo Ideas


Tattoos are all the rage since the turn of the century, and are a great way for somebody to show their love for absolutely anything, countries and cultures included! The best thing about Greek Tattoos is the wonderful imagery and text that can be ta

ken from the country’s rich heritage and story-telling history. Here are some of the absolute best Greek Tattoo ideas:

  • Greek Gods and Goddesses as tattoos – One of the most common Greek influences on tattoos is Greek Mythology. Perhaps a tattoo of Zeus along with his mythical horse Pegasus, lovers of the Sea might opt for a tattoo of Poseidon, or perhaps you’ll opt for the more dark option of a tattoo of Hades and his underworld
  • The Greek Alphabet as tattoos – lets face it, the Greek alphabet is awesome! It’s elegant and beautiful and would make a great tattoo, whether one of the letters means something to you, or you’d like some initials, your own or somebody else’s, tattooed on yourself, the Greek Alphabet makes an awesome talking point and looks brilliant.
  • A Greek word, phrase or saying, the Greeks have many philosophical sayings and quotes that you may find strike a chord and would make a fantastic tattoo, in Greek or in English, somewhere on your body.
  • Greek Places – Greece boasts many beautiful places, and a tattoo based around a greek monument or place would make a magnificent talking point. Something like this tattoo of a Greek temple may well float your boat!
  • A Greek pattern – you what? Greek patterns? You might not think such thing exists, but patterns that stem from Greek¬†archaeology¬†and the portrayal of Greece in the media. Greek patterns are often quite square in nature and look superb in black and white, you might get some inspiration from this piece of artwork.
  • Ancient Greek artwork is probably the most common inspiration taken from Greece for tattoos. There is a distinct style to art like this, think Disney’s Hercules! Greek artwork often stems from pottery and features references to mythology and the gods, as well as religious references, which leads me nicely to my next point.
  • Greek Religious references – The Greek orthodox church means that oftentimes, Greek influenced tattoos feature religious references including quotes and parables.

greek tattoo 300x257 Greek Tattoos and Greek Tattoo Ideas
Do you have a tat that’s inspired by your love of all things Greek? Let us know, and make sure you send in a photo! We’d love to include it in this article.

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