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If you’re anything like me, the type of beer you’re going to be sipping (in moderation of course) on an evening is an important factor in anywhere I visit! If you’re planning a trip, you may well be interested in Greek beer and what you’ll be able to find in the bars while you’re on your holidays. Beer has been brewed in Greece since around 1850 and, in my opinion, their beer is up there with the best in Europe and beyond – you won’t be disappointed.

Mythos – Mythos is perhaps the most famous of the Greek beers, and certainly has a very wide distribution network around Greece and the islands. There aren’t too many bars where you can’t get your hands on an ice cold pint of Mythos. This lager is a straw-coloured, 4.7% beer, and you’ll find it on draught, and available in 330ml and 500ml cans in supermarkets and convenience stores all around Greece. It is now owned by Carlsberg and the brewery imports Carlsberg and Heineken into the country.

Hillas – Hillas are advocates of a rich history of beer and alcohol ageing from ancient times. Their biography on their website claims that beer was the first alcoholic beverage known to man over 6000 years ago, and has been enjoyed ever since. Described in the brewery’s own words, “This light pale beer is dry and well balanced, and makes for a smooth drinking with a malty finish” – I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Keo – This is technically a Cypriot beer, but the countries are of course very closely linked, and Keo is widely available throughout Greece and the islands. Keo is a 4.5% pale ale with a full body and a mild hoppy edge.

What other beers can I get my hands on in Greece? If you’re not so keen on sampling the local delights, you can still get your hands on beers you might be more used to drinking, both in bars and in supermarkets. Of course, though, be prepared to pay a little bit more for the imported brands. Carlsberg is big in the Hellenic part of the world, as is Amstel. These are the two more widely known brands that you’ll find easily, but bottled beers such as Corona wont be too hard to source if you’re desperate.

How do I ask for a beer in Greek? Well, this certainly isn’t how it’s spelt, but phonetically written, if you say the words ”Mia bira paracalor”, any bar tender should just about be able to understand you. Enjoy your Greek Beers!

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