Greek Airports


Greece is a big place! Not only do we have mainland Greece to worry about, there are around 1400 Greek islands, too, of which around 200 are inhabited. It all makes the flight system both important and complex, and there are many airports serving international, internal and military flights. On top of the islands, Greece has 74 official regions, which means that internally the travel system has to be good in order to get around. In central and popular areas such as Athens, travel connections for further journeys are excellent, but depending on your destination, for example if you’re traveling to a small island, travel may prove more of a challenge and ferrys may be required to get to where you need to be. Greece is by no means underdeveloped, though, and people are generally extremely friendly, so you wont have too much of  a problem planning trips, just make sure you have transfers sorted if you plan to travel to Greece any time soon.

Below is a list of International Greek airports, and the region in which they can be found, which you might find useful for travel research and more.

International Airports:

Alexandroupoli – East Macedonia and Thrace
AXD Alexandroupolis International Airport

Athens / Spata Attica
ATH Athens International Airport

Chania Crete
CHQ Chania International Airport

Corfu Ionian Islands
CFU Corfu International Airport

Heraklion Crete
HER Heraklion International Airport

Kalamata Peloponnese
KLX Kalamata International Airport

Kavala / Chrysoupoli East Macedonia and Thrace
KVA Kavala International Airport

Kefalonia Ionian Islands
EFL Kefalonia Island International Airport

Kos – South Aegean
KGS Kos Island International Airport

Lemnos North Aegean
LXS Lemnos International Airport

Mytilene, Lesbos North Aegean
MJT Mytilene International Airport

Rhodes South Aegean
RHO Rhodes International Airport

Samos North Aegean
SMI Samos International Airport

Thessaloniki / Mikra Central Macedonia
SKG Thessaloniki International Airport

Zakynthos – Ionian Islands
ZTH Zakynthos International Airport


On top of this network of international airports, Greece does have an internal flight system, with small airports in many of the other regions of the country, however, if you’re flying in from anywhere else in the world the airports above are the ones you’re looking for.

If you didn’t already know, Greece borders Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey, and for some of the Northern regions of Greece, flying to one of these countries and travelling across the border is a consideration.

Athens international airport is the busiest and biggest airport in Greece, and since opening in 2001 to replace the closed Ellinikon airport, has handled over ten million passengers a year. The airport has excellent bus, rail and road connections to the rest of the country.

athens international airport 300x205 Greek Airports

A photograph of the check in desks at Athens International Airport

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