Greece Food Facts


Greek food is delicious as I’m sure you’ll agree, with national dishes including delicious moussaka, lamb kleftico and loads more beautiful meals, but there are some interesting facts out there about Greek food, and the eating habits of the greek, we’ve collated some of the best Greece food facts here for you.

Unlike most of Europe, Greeks eat the main meal of the day at what most of us would consider lunchtime, and traditionally many shops and businesses shut at 2 o clock in the afternoon in order to have their big meal, usually something such as a Moussaka or a Stifado. Often, this is topped off with a nice big ‘caraffe’ of red wine to wash it down before returning to work!

On New Years Eve, it is tradition in Greece to go outside and throw a pomegranate on your doorstep and break it, which supposedly brings good fortune for the coming year.

Lamb is the most popular and readily available meat in Greece, and is used for many main meals and casseroles.

Greek is famous for it’s delicious salads, which contain Greek feta cheese, olives and tomatoes, has an olive oil base and is often garnished with nuts.

Greece is a huge producer of Olives, and Olive Oil is one of the most popular ingredients in all Greek dishes.

At Easter, Greek people traditionally eat mayeritsa, a soup made from Lambs organs and seasonings…sounds…delicious…

Thin, Filo pastry is used as the foundation for loads of Greek dishes including spanakopita (spinach pie) and baklava (a pastry dessert with nuts).

Pita bread is extremely popular in Greece and is used as the basis of many sandwich style wraps and also for toasting and dipping in one of many Greek dips.

You’ll find influences from from the Romans, Venetians, Balkans, Turkish and the English within Greek culture and food, all countries and dynasties have invaded Greece in the past.

Because of the huge amount of Greek Islands, there is an array of seafood and fish involved in Greek cuisine, and you can find some exceptional seafood restaurants all around the Greek islands.


Regardless of interesting facts, Greek food is absolutely delicious, and is one of the real bonuses when it comes to visiting this beautiful country and its islands. Greek restaurants are popping up more and more around the world, so you don’t even necessarily have to be in Greece to enjoy the delights of their food.

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