Famous Greek People


There are many famous Greek people from the past and present. From famous philosophers, to founders of high education, to hollywood movie stars, Greece has its share of stars. We’ve collated some of them here for you. Don’t forget to comment if you know of any more Greek people who we have forgotten to include.

Alexander the Great – one of the greatest military figures in history, Alexander the Great was born in Pella in Ancient Greece. Alexander was undefeated in battle, and there are 70 Greek and Macedonian towns which were founded by Alexander. He is said to have died of alcohol poisoning, but much speculation surrounds his death.

Maria Callas – An opera star born in New York to Greek parents in 1923, Callas is a figurehead in the history of Opera. She has received many honours and has even had a film made of her fascinating life story.

Pythagoras РStill enough to send shivers down the spine of ex-students everywhere. Pythagoras is a part of a rich Greek history, and is renowned as one of the greatest mathematicians in history. Immortalised by maths classes everywhere.

Jennifer Anastasakis (Aniston) – Bet you didn’t know this one! Jennifer Aniston is proud of her Greek heritage and is said to even enjoy the art of cooking Greek food for her US hollywood buddies! The friends star was made famous by the sitcom but nowadays can more likely be seen on the silver screen in comedy and romantic movies.

Jeff Buckley – He may have been born in Orange County, USA, but Jeff Buckley had a Greek mother and maintained strong links with his European heritage (he was also part French and Panamanian).

Billy Zane – Born in the USA to Greek parents, Billy Zane is another hollywood star who shot to fame in 1999 movie Titanic.

Aristotle – The great Aristotle, whose theology and scientific views shaped years ahead of him, is one of the famous Greek Philosophers.

Plato – Strongly linked to Aristotle and in many people’s view the founder of further education with his academy. Part of a strong Greek history of intellectuals.

Tina Fey – The star of ’30 rock’. Tina Fey’s mother is Greek.

Zach Galfianakis – ‘The Hangover’ star (as you may have guessed from the surname) is another Hollywood resident of Greek descent, and clearly he isn’t afraid to show it.


Let us know if we’ve forgotten anyone! Drop us an email with any more famous Greek people you’d like to see make the list.

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