Beautiful Greek Women


There’s no denying it, Greek women are among the most beautiful in the world. No bigotry intended, but there is something about the genetics of a stunning Greek lady that no woman in the world would turn down the chance to look like. One of the greatest sex symbols of the last 20 years in Jennifer Aniston is of Greek heritage as we already explored in our post about Greek Celebrities. She’s not the only stunner on the list though, make no mistake!

Of course, ask a native of Greece and they’ll tell you that their healthy, wholesome cuisine, and of course the fact that they stem from Gods and Goddesses, are the reasons for their beauty. I’m not here to explore the reasons though, merely appreciate these new age goddesses of Greece.

Lina Sakka – Amazing Greek actress Lina Sakka reminds us why we love that Mediterranean look. She’s never really broken into Hollywood, and her CV is a modest list of Greek television and films, but even if you cant understand what you’re watching, I’m sure you’ll stay entertained with Lina in the shot.

Iliana Papageorgiou – Dolce and Gabbana model Iliana Papageorgiou (we can’t pronounce her name either) is another reason to love the Greek ladies. She’s definitely got the model vibe with sharp cheeks and a beautiful pout, proving that those lucky Greeks are built to be beautiful.

Katerina Stikoudi – Miss Hellas herself Katerina Stikoudi is not only one of the most beautiful and sought after women in all of the Greek islands, she’s also a fully qualified Doctor and Children’s swimming instructor in her spare time. Damn those lucky kids. Look out for her in the next miss world beauty pageant as she has represented Greece in the past.

Natali Thanou - Singer and blonde bombshell Natali Thanou is not what I think of when you say ‘Greek Women’, she’s perhaps not the stereotypical beautiful, dark Goddess, but she’s got something about her that men and women alike go crazy for. Oh, and she’s not afraid to get her kit off in photos either.

Zeta Makripoulia is a Greek model, television presenter, Disc Jockey and actress, and with looks like that no wonder people keep giving her all these jobs. At 34, she’s one of the oldest on our list, but you wouldn’t know it to look at her. Watchers of Eurovision may remember her as a host in the 2006 competition.

Jennifer Aniston – I know, I’ve already mentioned her, but she deserves it, right? Jen is proud of her Greek roots, we’re just damn grateful for them…

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